Do more than just say it in your advertising

The American Hotel and Lodging association estimates the number of Hotels in America at about 113,000 with about 5,524000 guest rooms. According to the findings of the annual HAC Hotel Economic Impact Report, throughout all of Canada there are approximately 8,508 hotels, motels, inns and resorts. This translates into about 461,537 guest rooms. About 25000 hotel rooms are being built every year in the U.S. and with a life expectancy of about 15 years (a lot of furniture never makes it this far) almost 400000 rooms get renovated each year. In a market of that size there are many manufacturers competing for the business, however there are only a handful of real quality luxury hotel furniture suppliers. Try to spot them.

Luxury hotel furniture suppliers need to make sure they can back up the claims they make in their advertisements.

Be Realistic About Quality
One of the complaints many luxury hotel managers have when it comes to the furniture they use in their rooms, is that the high-quality furniture they thought they were ordering turns out to be nothing but sub-par imported furniture. Not only does this low-quality furniture reflect badly on the hotel, but it also wears out and needs to be replaced more quickly than the hotel planned. Making unrealistic claims about the quality of the hotel furniture being supplied means that the hotel will never do business with that luxury hotel furniture supplier again.

Don’t Overstate the Product
An alarming number of advertisements created by luxury hotel furniture suppliers use keywords that imply there’s something extra special about their furniture, when it’s just like everything else. A perfect example of this is stating that the furniture has been covered with a special coating when it’s just been painted or varnished. If luxury hotel furniture suppliers want to promote their product as being extra special, they need to provide detailed information about what makes it unique, and how hotels will benefit from the special additions.

Watch Copyright Infringement
One of the things that luxury hotel furniture suppliers really must watch out for when they market a new line of hotel products and call it unique, is that they can back up their claim. It’s important to make sure that there’s nothing quite like it already on the market. If there is, the furniture supplier could find themselves in hot water over copyright infringement which can equal a costly legal battle. Hotel furniture is protected by intellectual copyright laws.

Be Realistic about Delivery
Whenever something gets shipped from one place to another, there’s a chance that something will go wrong, however before luxury hotel furniture suppliers make promises about fast and reliable shipping, they need to make sure they can follow through on the promises. If there is less than a 90% percent successful shipping rate, the company should be careful about making promises it might not be able to keep and consider different, more reliable forms of shipping.

Being forthright in their advertising will improve the relationship luxury hotel furniture suppliers share with hotel managers and lead to an increase in revenue for both.