• Welcome to
    Bühler Hospitality

    We are a leading hotel and multi-unit
    project furniture manufacturer.
    Our standard and custom furniture
    solutions can be found in leading hotel
    brands around the world. From the
    traditional to the contemporary, we have
    the design, production and installation
    expertise to benefit your project.

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    At Bühler Hospitality, we are our focused on providing leading edge
    design solutions that incoporate both the latest design and user
    functionality trends. Our latest products set the standard for
    contemporary solutions that truly provide a unique guest experience.

  • Our Philosophy

    Quality product does not happen accidentally; with purpose,
    we choose the best available materials to make our furniture
    – 100% manufactured and assembled in North America. We
    understand that your investment in our product should stand
    the test of time…And that is our commitment to you.

  • Welcome to Bühler
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  • Our Philosophy
What's New

Our Latest Products

Our latest line of innovative furniture solutions provides leading edge design, function and technology to provide your project with the latest pragmatic and aesthetic amenities.

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Product Highlight


With a crisp minimalist aesthetic and a surface of rich deep wooden finishes the Timonium has been the place of rest for many a wary traveller.

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Our Philosophy
Why Bühler?

Since 1933...

the Bühler Family of companies have been manufacturing in North America. We are now one of the leading hospitality furniture manufacturers in North America. It has been our tradition through three generations to create the highest standard of home furnishings that exceed our customer's expectations.

At Bühler, we do not confuse value with price. We understand that your investment in our product should stand the test of time… And that is our personal guarantee to you.

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